Eddie Jones Jr President of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association


This letter is being provided for posting because it is believed to be a NECESSARY and ETHTICAL step in helping to prevent someone else out there from becoming a victim of financial abuse, intimidation,  or any other mistreatment at the hands of Eddie Jones Jr., President of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association. 
Daniel is a life-long fan of Michael Jackson.  He is a disabled young man who is confined to a wheelchair.  He arrived here in California back in November.  Daniel is visiting from another country, alone- (*He does not want this letter to include specific information about where he is from).  Daniel left his home country to come back to California for a vacation and so that he could be close to Michael again.  He knew Michael for about fourteen years. Daniel Stayed at Neverland Ranch with Michael. Michael even invited him to  The This Is It concert. He says that he is also acquainted with other members of Michael’s family.   While in California, Daniel was contacted by Eddie Jones Jr through FaceBook.  Eddie was aware that Daniel knew Michael.  Eddie extended an invitation to Daniel to travel to Las Vegas together because Daniel had never been there and he wanted to visit the city that Michael had once lived in and loved.  Eddie promised Daniel that he would show him around, take him to places where Michael had lived and frequently visited, AND he promised to introduce Daniel to other Jackson Family members/friends who live in Las Vegas.  Eddie led Daniel to believe that he has an ongoing personal relationship with the Jackson Family as a friend and as a public relations type spokesperson/representative. 
Daniel was very happy about Eddie’s invitation.  BUT WHAT DANIEL DID NOT KNOW was that Eddie would expect him to FULLY PAY FOR EDDIE’S LODGING, FOOD, CARE, AND OTHER EXPENSES while in Las Vegas, which Daniel did not discover until after they had arrived in Las Vegas at around 3:00a.m. on December 2nd.  At the point of their arrival, Eddie informed Daniel that he didn’t have any money to pay for a hotel and asked Daniel to pay.  Daniel did.  The Palms Hotel was selected because it was known as a “MICHAEL JACKSON” hotel- Michael had been there frequently…  SO OF COURSE IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE.  The next morning, Eddie advised Daniel that he did not have money for breakfast and asked Daniel to pay.  Daniel did.  From this point forward, for about two weeks, Daniel paid for everything to take care of himself and Eddie.  One morning, Eddie asked Daniel to go get him some money from the ATM cash machine downstairs in the hotel lobby area.  By this time, Daniel had already started feeling that he was becoming trapped by Eddie’s behavior and demands. He was starting to realize that he was being grossly taken advantage of, ABUSED.  He made a decision to try to protect himself from any further abuse.  He went down to the ATM machine and pretended that his ATM card did not work.  When Daniel told Eddie that his ATM card did not work, Eddie questioned Daniel and challenged him, saying to Daniel that all the other times his ATM card worked fine and that he suspected that something was going on, something that he “didn’t like.”   Daniel says that Eddie spoke these words to him in a very harsh and hostile tone and that it was “scary.”   Daniel felt intimidated and afraid.  Eddie persisted that Daniel give him money.  This situation eventually escalated to the point of the hotel security and staff having to completely remove Eddie from Daniel’s room AND from the entire Hotel.  Reportedly, Eddie is not allowed to ever return to the Palms Hotel because of the inappropriate and volatile behaviors that he exhibited in the hotel that morning/afternoon.  
Several days later, Daniel received a telephone call from Geraldine Hughes, a very close friend (and ex-girlfriend) of Eddie’s.  She told Daniel that Eddie was telling a Jackson Family member that Daniel was wasting money on excessive drinking and partying at clubs.  BUT DANIEL DOES NOT DRINK.  And Daniel was suspicious of Geraldine’s information because he had recently been informed that Eddie’s efforts to contact or work with the Jackson Family were not welcome.  Eddie is NOT allowed to represent himself as a spokesperson or “mouthpiece” for the Jackson Family, but he reportedly continues to do so. Daniel says that is EXACTLY how Eddie was introducing himself to people while they were together in Las Vegas.  Daniel received confirmation TODAY, Sunday, February 20, 2011, that Eddie had NOT been in contact with the Jacksons about any of this.  So Geraldine intentionally lied to Daniel to help Eddie.  Daniel feels that this was a further attempt to intimidate him into keeping quiet about this horrible ordeal. 
PLEASE NOTE:  This letter does NOT detail all of Daniel’s experiences with Eddie over the entire course of their time together.  Daniel may or may not decide to disclose more information at a later time.  But Daniel was targeted, lied to, lured to Las Vegas under false pretenses, fed empty promises, entrapped by intimidation, abused, and basically ROBBED of quite of bit of money by Eddie Jones Jr.   As of tonight, Sunday February 20, 2011, Daniel has JUST figured out a way to get back to Los Angeles  so that he can say goodbye to Michael at Forest Lawn and then scramble to catch his previously set flight back to his home country.  He is receiving help from people in Las Vegas and Los Angeles- people who have asked to remain unnamed in this letter and completely anonymous, including myself, the person who has helped Daniel with writing this letter.  Please understand that I personally KNOW Eddie Jones Jr and Geraldine Hughes, so I am not someone who is “blindly” helping Daniel with this letter from only a one-sided vantage point. They are people who I held in the highest regard for their ministry-related endeavors and for their work on Justice for Michael…  They truly seemed to be good people. I am deeply saddened, disappointed, and hurt by these events.  Yes, I have heard about other possible misdeeds and wrongdoings that they have been accused of committing.  Some of it I have had firsthand exposure to and some of it I have not, but I have chosen to stay away from all of it and to not form opinions or judgments.  In this situation, I have heard about the details directly from the victim himself-- I just can’t believe or imagine that this young man would have a reason to lie to me and to others about this.  What could he possibly stand to gain? 
Daniel’s last point of contact with Eddie was through a message that Eddie left on Daniel’s phone telling Daniel to call HIM if he needed help, but this message happened many days ago, and ONLY AFTER information about what Eddie had done to Daniel was actually starting to get out-- with indications that it had possibly reached people connected to the Jackson Family…  So it was apparently NOT a genuine offer of help, but simply Eddie’s desperate attempt to cover up this travesty that he had committed against a disabled young man in the precious name of Michael Jackson.   Since leaving that message, Eddie Jones Jr has NOT made any further attempts to help Daniel.  DANIEL DOES NOT WANT ANY FUTURE CONTACT WITH EDDIE JONES JR AND GERALDINE HUGHES. 
Through Daniel’s willingness to speak out in this letter, our hope is that people will be protected, plain and simple.  This letter is not about anger or retaliation. 
THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK AGAINST EDDIE OR GERALDINE.  Simply pray for them and let’s all just take better care of each other.  GOD IS WATCHING from Heaven, and so is Michael. 


Taaj DID NOT want to post ANY information pertaining to Eddie Jones Jr. (or Geraldine Hughes) because she had previously made a good-faith commitment and promise to refrain from engaging in ANY further activities or interactions involving these two people.  Taaj’s reasons for entering into such an agreement and the people with whom the agreement was made are confidential, so they cannot be disclosed here.  However, given the serious nature of the abuse that was perpetrated against the victim described in this letter, Taaj was able to obtain a limited “blessing” to help with this serious matter, ONLY for the sake of protecting others from possibly falling into harm’s way. Now in good conscience, and without compromising her commitment, Taaj is posting Links to this letter to provide this RELEVANT WARNING INFORMATION


  1. Yes.. you are being careful to help MJ continue his beautiful purpose = )
    Standing up for what is good and right

  2. Omg.Thank you Taaj so much for posting this message. This type of behavior,especially against a disabled person,is something that has got to stop and should not,under ANY circumstances be tolerated.
    Please tell Daniel,that a true,real life,long time friend of Michael's will keep him in her prayers and thoughts always.

  3. This type of behavior is not acceptable against anyone, especially a friend of Michael's. May he return to LA and then home safely and may God bless all the angels who surrounded him and helped him.

  4. ATT.FROM: Mr Joe Jackson and the Jackson family, I no longer have any association what so ever with Eddie Jones jr. Now nor in the Future. Note to all Michael Jackson and Jackson family Fans: Mr Eddie Jones Jr. No longer represents Michael or the family in any way shape or form. So please DON'T listen to him!! Thank you

  5. How sad to see this in the name of Michael. If Michael would have been all he'd done to protect this child.
    I have nothing more to say ....


    every person might be able to show negative behaviour or to lie for whatsoever reason thats why i am not only confused but even kind of irritated....

    people like me, michael fans really carrying him close to his heart and fighting for love and justice in the name of michael, dont know how to handle this.

    cause everybody could be the one not telling the truth how should we decide? as well as eddie and geraldine could follow the path of getting money and a bit of stardom out of michaels name and treat people badly, daniel could as well. eddie and geraldinge do so much for michael and in his name so for what reason should the act like this and at the same time show so much support for michael, there wouldnt be any need to do this, getting money for the fact that they knew michael could be more easy for them. but -and the worst is somebody telling the truth and not getting support- they could as well have another face like this daniel described. we all dont now them personally and nobody is ever able to just judge from the distance if this is the truth or not - there are always two positions. they could -as any human being doesnt matter how good you know someone- as well have some bad parts of character - or not.....

    same with daniel, the fact that he is disabled and maybe treated like this is horrible really bad, but at the same time lets think about the fact that michael as he was living had many people around to whom he was just doing good things and still these people turned against him and told bad, horrible things about him. especially as they realized he wouldnt give them what they wanted...

    so as to be seen, both of the parties has reasons to tell the truth or also to lie....both parties eddie and geraldine as well as daniel...showed her big heart and love for michael in the past but as well they could be also able to behave badly...no one knows!

    so what should we as readers do know?

    there are good reasons for suspect both posibilities for both parties involved and especially when it comes to michael, all sorts of people are doing so many good as well as horrible things....you never know who is what kind of character...that is the problem...

    i am really feeling deeply sorry for everbody bad treated and i feel it really painful to discover the fact, that one of the two parties involved was and is treated badly but i think that i cant judge about this..

    i really wanna know the truth but regarding things like this its so difficult...cause:

    as soon as we judge we could at the same time be horribly unfair to the other party...we just cant know the truth since we dont know them personally and even then it would be difficult!!!!!

    i hope whatever happend the people involved think about michael and his message and really do what he wanted and deserves: live with love, courage and always stand up for justice!!!

  7. Taaj I saw through Eddie months and months ago...I stopped watching his show bcse he would always ask for donations from MJ fans. Enticing MJ fans to watch his show on pretense of Justice for Michael....a lot of hot air....and that March in Washington that never happened and I knew would not, was to keep MJ fans coming to watch his show! He has done NOTHING towards justice for Michael IMO! Thanks for posting....."Love many, Trust few"!





  12. I would have never dreamed that Ms. Hughes would do such a disgusting thing to anyone especially to a special needs individual. IM very disappointed in you, Ms. Hughes. I don't know Mr.Jones and personally have no use for LIARS, THIEVES, ABUSERS and the like. Michael is NOT happy with this man. MR. E. JONES YOU DISGUST ME!!!!

  13. Wow, this is shocking! Poor Daniel!

  14. Something doesn't add up. Why did Daniel continue paying Eddie's way for two weeks? That is not abuse when Daniel is allowing this to happen. Why didn't Daniel get on a plane and fly back to Los Angeles if he didn't approve of his treatment by Eddie? Why is Daniel just now returning from Vegas? I don't know if Eddie is a con artist or not because we haven't heard his side of the story. The person that wrote this article is being judgmental and needs to read again what she wrote.

  15. This sort of thing will continue forever I'm afraid! Michael was an icon, a powerful force in the music industry and beyond, so it is no surprise to me that greedy individuals, looking to claim fame and fortune using his name and reputation to accomplish this, will always be looking for new ways to capitalize from his name. Michael will never truly be able to RIP. The earth will always be shaken and echo his name!

  16. Who do you think set up those pay pal accounts FOR Eddie Jones.. TAAJ MALIK!

  17. I want us all to stay together it is about Michael's Legacy, and justice for Michael all other fights, but the one fight for Justice need to stop.

  18. Anonymous said...
    Who do you think set up those pay pal accounts FOR Eddie Jones.. TAAJ MALIK!
    February 21, 2011 10:29 AM
    I used to follow Eddie Jones and sent him over $80. The paypal account was set up and posted by Geraldine Hughes. Taaj has not been involved with Eddie Jones since June 2010.

  19. To the person who wrote: "something doesn't add up, why did daniel continue to give eddie money, why didn't he just fly back..." ABUSE VICTIMS OFTEN REMAIN IN THEIR SITUATIONS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO ESCAPE OR BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED OR BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO OTHER HELP. Children, the elderly, and vulnerable disabled people are abused by their parents or caregivers FOR YEARS because they can't leave...there are many many reasons why the victim cannot or won't leave... Do not turn on the victim in this situation. No, those of us who were not there may not know the FULL STORY, but apparently the person who helped Daniel write the letter felt enough conviction to want to help. I do NOT read judgment in that letter, the writer DID indicate that he or she personally knew EJ and GH and indicated that he or she held them in the highest regard. Additionally, I did NOT see anywhere in the letter where the writer or Daniel said that EJ and GH are "bad people" but what I DID see was someone attempting to help a person who felt horribly victimized. I DID see a victim being brave enough to speak out against those whom he felt had harmed him- and he repeatedly said in the letter that this was NOT about retaliation or anger, he simply wanted others to be forewarned so that perhaps this could be prevented from happening to someone else.

    AND WHY ON EARTH HAS THIS TURNED INTO AN ATTACK AGAINST TAAJ. TAAJ DID NOT WRITE THE LETTER, SHE SIMPLY POSTED A LINK. If someone tries to do something like this in the name of trying to protect another potential victim, then they are BLASTED. If someone who knows about this and chooses to keep silent and it happens to others and it is revealed that people KNEW in advance about this kind of behavior but they did NOT say anything, then they would STILL BE BLASTED. so people are damned if they do help and damned if they don't try to help.


    Granted, it can be a fair question to wonder if perhaps Daniel has lied because we as readers don't know him, so for those who questioned that, I am not saying that we should all just believe everything we read, but let's just say that he IS telling the truth, then he is a very brave soul to come forward. IF he is lying, then it will come back on him- I believe that you do reap what you sow, call it kharma or whatever you believe in but if Daniel lied, then he will one day face payback in one way or another... But I do NOT believe that he lied. He certainly could have had that letter written in a MUCH MORE DAMAGING WAY if he was out there just wanting to lie about EJ and GH. If he was intent on telling a tale of lies, then he could have been a bit more creative, he could have elected to "conjure up" some horrible gory instances of abuse or mistreatment but it seems like he just gave a general description of what happened... this is just one way to look at it. Yes, I am aware of the "good things" it seems that EJ and GH have done in terms of Justice For Michael, but do any of us know the true motives in another's hearts, do we KNOW that they or anyone else out there are truly in this for Michael OR do they or others see opportunities, or self-serving gains or fame or whatever else...? all people are capable of doing good and bad, of being two-sided or even multiple-sided... all kinds of "good people" started seeing dollar signs after Michael died... even while he was alive. and no, someone's good deeds does not mean that they are incapable of doing bad deeds too. People's good deeds should be recognized for what they are- good deeds- But the good deeds should NOT be used as justification for saying that an occasional bad deed here or there can be excused because gosh they have some good deeds too, especially if the bad is something as bad as what was done to Daniel. GOOD DEEDS DO NOT NULLIFY THE BAD MISTREATMENT OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, PERIOD. (continued below.... we should not...)

  20. (continued from my comments above, after: GOOD DEEDS DO NOT NULLIFY THE BAD MISTREATMENT OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, PERIOD.)...

    We should not be fighting, we should not lose sight of the victim here, we should not lose sight of Michael, we should not be shooting the messenger who just simply posted a link... but someone at the top did make a good point, what do we do with this information? well, we just be careful of who we let into our lives, we remember Michael in all of this, we remember the victim, and we CHOOSE NOT TO TREAT SOMEONE IN A WAY THAT WE WOULD NOT WANT TO BE TREATED.

  21. These type of thieves come a dime a dozen. I pray for Daniel and others who are subjective to these type of slugs, I hope he gets home safely and this Eddie Jones (every Eddie Jones I know is slimmy) would get what he deserve.


    ORIGINAL POSTING IS QUOTED AS FOLLOWS: "Something doesn't add up. Why did Daniel continue paying Eddie's way for two weeks? That is not abuse when Daniel is allowing this to happen. Why didn't Daniel get on a plane and fly back to Los Angeles if he didn't approve of his treatment by Eddie? Why is Daniel just now returning from Vegas? I don't know if Eddie is a con artist or not because we haven't heard his side of the story. The person that wrote this article is being judgmental and needs to read again what she wrote."

    MY REPLY: WOW! I don't even know where to begin, but let me start at the beginning of your post.

    You adamantly state YOUR OPINION that it is NOT ABUSE because it went on for two (2) weeks and because Daniel didn't just hop “on a plane and fly back to Los Angeles.”

    Well, with all due respect: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THE VICTIM OF ABUSE (Criminal: Domestic, Sexual, or otherwise)??? Because if you had, you would NEVER MAKE SUCH AN INSENSITIVE STATEMENT AS SUCH. People who abuse others are "Master Manipulators." You don't dare speak up because if you do, then WATCH OUT!!! Do you even know how hard it is to speak up when you have been abused??? He was probably so scared at what retaliatory acts he may suffer if he spoke up and told his story. Why would Daniel lie and what would be in it for Daniel to tell his story if it was not the truth???

    Furthermore, it appears to me that Daniel could not "just hop on a plane back to Los Angeles." If you look at his picture that is posted on his Facebook page taken of himself with Joe Jackson, it appears to me that he is severely disabled, in a wheelchair, without limbs (BLESS HIS HEART)! I cannot even imagine how vulnerable he must have felt (as I believe from what I understand from his Facebook Page he is from another Country outside the United States). Daniel may have to be reliant on others because of his disability! It does not sound like you personally know the situation; therefore, I believe you should not "ASSUME" the worst of Daniel.

    Also, it is interesting how you further go on to make a "JUDGMENT" that the person writing this article is being "JUDGMENTAL" and needs to read again what "SHE" wrote. How do you know it was a “SHE” who wrote this??? Talk about the pot calling the kettle....

    With that being said, how do you consider it being "Judgmental" when the letter was authorized by Daniel? It states so right in the article that the letter was authorized by Daniel himself. Why, then are you stating it was a "SHE" who wrote it?


    If you were a true, loyal, dedicated, and honest fan of Michael Jackson's, you would not speak in such a negative way about another human being that you apparently have NEVER MET or know the TRUTH about!

  23. I HOPE NONE OF THIS IS T.R.U.E. as I happen to be FBFriends with both EJ & GH.... Don't like what I just READ? Love You Taaj *mjheartz*

  24. Geraldine Hughes was Evan Chandler's attorney's secretary, and overheard what she said was a conspiracy between Chandler and the attorney, to extort money from Michael. (that resulted in the 1993 accusations). At the time of the trial, she published a book called Michael Jackson Redemption. (or something like that. .) In that book, she recounted the conversations she overheard. She marketed the book primarily on fan-sites. (I've read the book. Other than the conversations she overheard, the book was largely religious in nature.)

    Geraldine fell from grace, in my opinion, when she was asked to make the talk show rounds, and appear on the Geraldo Rivera show (during the trial). In my opinion, she was of NO help to Michael. She refused to state anything that she had overheard, and just said, "Read my book!" She was soon dropped from the interview circuit. To me, she seemed far more interested in marketing the book, than in helping Michael! She COULD have helped (tv interviews), but really didn't.

    I believe she came to know the Jackson family as a result of her Redemption book. In the current situation, she has made statements about Murray that are very questionable, and is apparently trying to write/market another book. This one, about Michael's death. I can't see how she could have any first-hand knowledge about that, at ALL. (She didn't really KNOW Michael, or Murray.) I believe she made a comment to a tabloid that Murray was in a strip-club at the time of Michael's death, but could offer nothing in the way of proof.

    In the statement above, she wrote: "Michael Jackson allowed me to speak publicly on his behalf in 2003/2004 because he knew that I had the ears and eyes of the fans and was fully persuaded that I believed in his innocence." I highly doubt that, but.. whatever. . . She COULD have spoken "on his behalf," as anyone with information about the 1993 allegations could have. But, she must have felt that telling the TRUTH on tv would reduce book sales? (It actually had the opposite effect.) She was a major source of frustration for a lot of us who were active during the trial. She COULD have "spoken up," but chose not to. . . .

    She's the female equivalent of Oxman. In my opinion, of course.

  25. "I believe she made a comment to a tabloid that Murray was in a strip-club at the time of Michael's death, but could offer nothing in the way of proof"
    Do you have source or reference for the part quoted? As it would kind of paint her out as a lunatic liar if if it true

  26. We certainly don't care. . . (I think she's just trying to market another book. My bad?)

  27. is apparently trying to write/market another book. This one, about Michael's death. I can't see how she could have any first-hand knowledge about that, at ALL. (She didn't really KNOW Michael, or Murray.)

  28. well that confused me is all. i dont see where she plays into all this so i didn't know if she was on our side or is she was just there to PROMOTE HER BOOK. Well, my opinion is, given her behavior during the trial, that the less she says, the better. So, good. after Michael's death we have seen her in the circle of Eddie Jones -

    We have seen her on ustream talking about a federal investigation and marching to white house and discuss this with Obama (what happened to that?).

    She also attended court hearings and if you watched any live streams of TMZ and X17online you would see her RUSH AFTER THE HEARING TO OUTSIDE AND TALK TO THE PRESS. She was again saying this is murder, blames, asks for federal investigation while PROMOTING HER BOOK. (I have also seen her being rude to fans on live streams - 1-2 fan approached her saying "?????????????" and she responded back with "you all need to LEAVE ME ALONE! get away from me")Rumor is that Jackson family asked her not to speak anymore and want the family to be represented by other people.

  29. I don't really care if she's in the courtroom or not. I never listened to what she had to say. I find it annoying that all she does is promoting her book.She has said a lot of dubious stuff recently. Like she mentioned that someone told her that they saw Murray drinking at a strip club the night of the 24th but there was no evidence to suggest that. Even her book didn't sit well with critics as she constantly called Michael an angel sent from God which critics accused her of being an 'obsessed fangirl'. Aphrodite Jones have been accused of the same though!

  30. On Eddie Jones Ustream at one point they were talking about getting a movie made about her involvement also! HMMMM $$$$$

  31. good riddance. One less attention whore to deal with...Yay for us & MJ.

    Next one to go should be Oxman...but he's like a chewing gum stuck to the bottom of our shoe.


  32. I like her, and at least she tried to get the truth out there, I totally believe her motives were genuine and I think they still are. She is right, we might vary in our opinions but we have always remained united in our love and loyalty for Michael and our belief in him, this is not the time to loose this unity. We should support someone like Geralding, instead of critisising her for what she didn't say let's thank her for what she did.

  33. I agree that this is the time for fan unity, and to renew our efforts to remain loyal to Michael. One way I'll renew my effort to support and remain loyal to Michael is by NOT supporting Geraldine Hughes. I seriously doubt that she has any knowledge at all if "Murray was at a strip club" that night, or was not. And THAT adds to tabloid fodder, and clouds the picture of what really could have happened to Michael. She has no inside knowledge now that I can possibly imagine. She's writing a book.

    She had a piece of important information during the trial, and I'll give her credit for putting it in a book. She deserves NO credit for any other kind of support, though. She could have been a strong voice for Michael's defense, but on media was no voice at all. And she could have been!

    And yes, she was interviewed by Mary Fischer for her article. Fischer is a very credible journalist. So in that sense, Geraldine's information was already OUT THERE, and was widely read.

    Whatever. I'm just glad she is no longer in the courtroom to use Michael murder to her own benefit

  34. In the words of Ross Jeffries: "WATCH WHAT YOUR PROSPECTS DO AND NOT WHAT THEY SAY!! Especially with women who are excellent excuse makers and bamboozlers

  35. Judge her by her actions, not her words. Which were all for Eddie Jones and her book.

  36. Aphrodite Jones has stated she wanted to update her last book on the MJ trial! She has also said she wouldn't rule out writing a book about his death either! One would ask how would she know anything about that, like some say about Hughes!? So let's be fair!

  37. I've not yet seen her done anything profound for Michael to be honest.

    All I've seen yet is trying to financially gain from his fans in writing books... like lots of writers try... and usually when I get an abstract or something on fan boards I do get this feeling they are not telling me anything which I do not know and I still feel I know Michael much better cuz I feel this love and deep admiration for him.

    I don't blame her... that's a job obviously existing in this world just like it seems a valid job for some of the Jacksons to be a brother or a sister of a superstar... and if ppl want to live like that... that's ok cuz it's their freedom of choice not to go and learn something else I suppose.

    But this... it's just (again) too much drama to me... and to me it looks pretty much like trying to use fans for personal agendas and/or then later financial gain.

    Can't say I'm really interested lol but then again that's just me.

  38. She may have been privy to an argument between E. Chandler and B. Rothman (his lawyer) she was his (Rothman's) secretary for a time, but that's where it ends. Both A. Jones and Hughes push their books on fans, for the cash, not for any real truth about Michael Jackson. I doubt the general public give a damn about their books, so they push it to MJ fans. Why anyone would enlist Hughes to be spokesperson for this current trial involving the doctor is a mystery to me. Was she not yelling out "misinformation" outside the courthouse during one of Murray's recent court dates? Not a very helpful spokesperson I must say.

  39. 2 other things that have always bothered me about Hughes is why she wouldn't go to police (maybe she did & I don't have that info) or go to the family & why would she wait so long. Maybe there is a good reason, idk. I would think people would generally be like Ann Gabriel Kite who went & talked to Jermaine. Whatever i dont have a good feeling about her shes too aggressive desperate. sleeping with Eddie Jones lord have mercy. I am sorry but this just shows me she is in it for all the wrong reasons

  40. I never got over being disappointed/angry with her when she had a chance to help Michael, by making statements on tv, and never did. Just "read my book!" It was infuriating!

  41. Geraldine wrote a book, Redemption, that had evidence that could have exonerated him from the 1993 accusations, if she'd gone to the police and been forceful about it. And she could have helped him, if she'd said what she knew when she went on the Geraldo show and other talk shows, but she did not.

    Jones didn't witness ANYTHING.

    Geraldine and Jones do not know ANYTHING more than what the most diligent fans know. I, for one, wish that people would choose a different career direction than making money off of Michael. If a skilled writer would choose to do it, then maybe. I guess I've grown jaded of people claiming to know what they do NOT?

    Whatever. I've said what I have to say about Geraldine Hughes, and I wish her well, as long as she does not pretend to be someone she is not.

  42. Geraldine went to a private investigator, but as far as we know, she never went to the police. She certainly never said anything to Sneddon. Why would she? He was the PROSECUTION! There were many people in the courtroom, including some very credible fans. But, she was never called to testify, because she never said a damned thing, when it would have counted.

    Sometimes in life, there are moments when one must step up, or step OFF. She stepped OFF. I watched her on the Geraldo Rivera show. He asked her. "WHAT do you know that will exonerate Michael?" "And instead of helping him, she said absolutely NOTHING. NOTHING! She just said, "Read my book to find out." At that moment, she stepped OFF, and did what so many have done. . .saw Michael as an income opportunity, but not a person worth SAVING. And . . she didn't. That was her moment, and she blew it.

    Aphrodite Jones has no "inside information" at all. If she wants to write a book then fine. Join the club. She witnessed NOTHING, and has no more information that any credible fan does.

    As far as the "courtroom" is concerned? All that testimony was online, for anyone to read. I KNOW. I read it, too. Aphrodite and Geraldine don't know anything more than the fans do, who read it at that time.

    Personally? I'm sick and tired of people trying to make money off of Michael. Where WERE they, when it really counted?

    I know. I've spoken to her, personally, when her support would have counted, and I KNOW. And yeah, carry on, and I'm out.

  43. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eBnOHpNa1Go
    I have several problems with Hughes. For one she did not go to the police when she thought it was extortion.

    For another, in this vid at approx :56 she talks about Pellicano being in prison, so she knows his history. Since she actually 'knows' him, anytime he came up in the news, she would have paid close attention. She is still of the belief that he is a great guy???

    She does make a great point at about 2:40 that he was arrested the same month as MJ. Probably not a coincidence. My bet is Barresi had something to do with it. He probably saw an opportunity to make money & needed Pellicano out of the way. When the feds went after Pellicano again for more charges & was on trial - Barresi went to the trial & sentencing. To make sure his job was done. Pellicano was a complete fool - totally setup by Weitzman & Barresi to take the fall for all the lawyers. He was a complete idiot to not roll over.

    And she's wrong about Cochran being the one wanting to settle, it was Weitzman first who wanted to settle right away at the beginning in house actually. Cochran came in on Dec. 20 - it had been setup. Cochran was friends with Garcetti & Feldman:


    “It was our hope that this would all go away. We tried to keep it as much in-house as we could.” Howard Weitzman

    And it was Elizabeth Taylor who introduced Weitzman to Pellicano, as Pellicano found the bones of Mike Todd. Interesting. she can use this now and put it in her book

  44. I think she knows nothing, now, about the circumstances of Michael's death. But, I would never discredit what she said in her book, about a extortion plot against MIchael.

    She DID have credibility, and that is just the POINT. Sure, buy her books now and look at the vids. That helps Michael's legacy.

    If she had been forceful on media when she had the chance, BEFORE the trial, it's possible there would have BEEN NO TRIAL. There are times in a life when one must step up, or step off. She stepped off, big-time.

    So, I'm NOT saying that she's not "credible" in terms of Jordan Chandler's father. About that, she IS/WAS. But, she was right THERE, in her moment, on the Geraldo Rivera show, and he asked her, "Tell us WHY you think Michael is innocent? Tell us HOW you know?" And she said absolutely NOTHING, but "read my book." An opportunity wasted. Gone. Some chances never come back. . . . (she did the same on the other talk shows back then, too. Just "read my book.")

    But, I am NOT saying that she's not credible. She is. (but not about the current situation). She had her chance to help Michael in a genuine way, and she blew it. I cannot forgive her for that. But that's just me. Others, think what you want.

  45. spot on. and she has th cheek to go on about the bible etc all the time. she should read it

  46. First time seeing this Geraldine Hughes. At a press conference, with your book surgically attached to your hand. I say her credibility hit shot to hell.

  47. Not in the hate business. Confirming my opinion that Geraldine Hughes credibility is shot to hell. If she had information to help MJ, sprint to law enforcement, or a credible news organization. Then go cash in with the books whatever

  48. she claimed murray left the house after giving mj dip and went to see nicole came back and found mj like that. theres been no evidence to support such a claim

    tbh she has no reason to be hanging around this case.and when she is hanging around as others have said shes trying to flog her book. she has no involvement in this case unlike 93. so considering she stands there with her book it pretty obvious what shes doing

  49. As far as the Redemption book is concerned? The material she put forward was also used in the article "Was Michael Jackson Framed," (or something like that -- it's been awhile, now) by the professional journalist, Mary Fischer, in Esquire magazine. (apparently Fischer interviewed her?) That article was very well written, and tells the story of what happened in 1993 far BETTER than Geraldine's book. IMHO, Geraldine had just enough material for a magazine article, but NOT a book. The rest of her book is pretty much a religious tract.

    As far as the Murray case is concerned, IMO, she needs to step off. She knows nothing, and is involved for the MONEY. That's pretty obvious? So in my opinion, she adds herself to the long line of people and their books-to-come, making money off of Michael's death.

  50. yeap pretty much. theres no issue with her and 93 as obviously she helped with the info she gave. the problem is shes getting invovled in this case when it has nothing to do with her and uses it to promote her previous book and her future one even though she has no usefull knowlege on this case.

  51. Her talking about the Murray case to me is separate from the info she has on 93 that MJ defense team did know about through her! So for the life of me I don't see why people keep on connecting the two

  52. For any who are interested, the BEST defense of Michael back then was a magazine article called "Was Michael Jackson Framed," by journalist Mary Fisher, and published in Esquire magazine in 1994. It has EVERYTHING in it that Geraldine wrote, and much, much more, and is a credible work of investigative journalism. Anyone who wants to know about how Michael Jackson WAS framed, just has to read it. The article had huge distribution, and I'm sure it's still findable/can be downloaded for a fraction of the cost of the Redemption book. The article has pretty much EVERYTHING, not just one piece of it.

    While Geraldine was out there flogging her book but saying NOTHING, Fisher's article was, hopefully, making a genuine difference in public opinion. (and yeah, Fisher went on tv TOO, but she actually talked about HOW Michael was framed. Unlike Geraldine, she didn't write a book about it. The article was sufficient, and she knew that. )

  53. Geraldine should have gone to the POLICE, immediately, and she didn't. That should not be very hard to understand

  54. AGREED
    and this is why I refuse to buy her book!!

    I would rather read the fisher article.

    for all those that want to read the same thing that is says in the book..except you dont have to pay for it......here it is...

  55. Thank you! And can we end this now? This is truly a no-brainer. Some people are stricken with GREED at the mention of Michael Jackson. Geraldine has proven herself to be yet another one of these, who's morals went out the window at the opportunity for financial gain. There is really no excuse possible for her, when she failed to go to the POLICE when she overheard an extortion attempt against Michael!

  56. Interesting points- but she waited 10 years to come running up to the Jacksons. Funny how she appeared just when they were desperate.

  57. There are significant differences between Fisher and Hughes. (actually, I've spoken to BOTH of them in the past -- Hughes by email, and Fisher, email and phone. But, the ideas below don't come from those conversations, which remain private.)

    Fisher is a professional investigative journalist, and her article was a stepping stone in a wider career. She did not do a book, and must have realized that her material was exactly sufficient for an extended article. On the the other hand, Hughes must have actually thought that her book would be a source of wealth for her, a New York Times best-seller because it had the words "Michael Jackson" on the cover? She could have published that material as an article, but chose NOT to.

    Hughes targeted the fan-community as a market for her book, and that was essentially preaching to the choir. Fisher's article was absolutely everywhere, with a circulation of about half-a-million copies. The article was in mailboxes of people who had subscriptions, and it was on news stands, and in drug-stores, and doctors' and dentists' offices. The impact of an article, as opposed to a BOOK, was much greater. Hughes didn't choose to go that route. For an article, she would have been paid a couple of thousand dollars. For a BOOK? A potential treasure-trove (but, that did not happen.)

    Hughes linked up support for her book as support for Michael, in targeting the fan community (who ALREADY supported Michael.) She curried favor with the fans, much in the way Karen Faye did. Fisher did not. Fisher was journalistically neutral, and that gave her article greater impact, to those in the GENERAL PUBLIC. That was a good thing. The fans didn't NEED to be convinced.

    Hughes book did appear in bookstores, but only briefly. She associated a reason for the failure of the book to a "conspiracy," related to Michael. But yet, if there was a conspiracy to keep her book out of the stores, that certainly didn't apply to Fisher's article, and she had no trouble publishing it. So that argument simply doesn't fly. I've read both the book and the article. I think the reason the book vanished so quickly from bookstores was, in my opinion, that it was so badly written, and packed with theological meanderings, as well as factual info about the 1993 case -- or what she knew of that.

    I've seen Fisher's tv interviews, and I've seen Hughes'. Hughes was very quickly dropped from the talk-show circuit (and I'm not sure about Fisher. Didn't keep track, specifically.) She was dropped, I'd assume, because someone must have given her bad advice and told her that revealing ANYTHING in the book would prevent people from buying it (even though the opposite likely was true). Her book was glued to her hand, but she revealed absolutely NOTHING that was in it. On the other hand, Fisher's interviews were calm, factual, and she seemed very credible.

    My opinion is, that it's a damned SHAME that the person who overheard Chandler's lawyer, wasn't someone with more integrity, and more able to WRITE, or see the larger picture of the help she could have been for Michael. But, that's not what happened, sadly. Of the two, I'd say forget the book, and read the article.

  58. "Thank you Taaj, for the link you did well. everyone must know who Eddie Jones Jr and Geraldine Hughes really is.


  59. Taaj, we love you <3"

  60. "This really really hurts me the fact that they would go so far as to do all of this while preying on Michael's friends and fans that is truly sad"

  61. This is exactly what they did to Michael Jackson. They accused him of something that he didn't do, then they crucified him, and the pain eventually cost him his life. Great job so-called Michael Jackson fans and supporters.

    I only know one person that has come into the Michael Jaxkson fan base and totally singlehanded torn the Michael Jackson fan community apart. She is the single reason why the fans are not supportive of MJ at the courthouse, why Eddie Jones was kicked out of the Jackson camp, and why I was kicked out of the courthouse. She has nothing but hate in her eyes for anyone that is doing something more than she is (that is why she steals everyone's ideas and claims them as her own).

    I'm not surprised by this blog, nor the many comments that seem to be targeting me, when I was nowhere near the alleged incident forementioned. It is obvious that the whole motive of this blog was to include me in it, so that my name could be slandered.

    I have no reason to defend myself when Michael Jackson himself allowed me to speak on his behalf, gave me permission to write Redemption and use his picture, and gave me pertinent advice while promoting it.

    God knows my motive and intentions, which are misguided in this blog. I don't worry about what anyone person has to say about me, because God warns us not to "touch His anointed, nor do his prophet no harm." I will pray for all of the people that write lies and are too coward to name themself.

    Perhaps you would have perferred that I sat at home with the information I had and said nothing. Instead of attacking me, who has done nothing to anyone, why don't you go after the people that still believe Michael Jackson was a pedofile and is actively writing posts to that effect? Wouldn't your energy be utilized more worthy to the cause of "fighting for justice for Michael." Why carry the name and not do the job. Attacking me only tells me one thing, you are a MJ hater! Hater's attack innocent people who really haven't done them any harm. I've always known MJ fans to be more savvy then to believe someone just because he's in a wheel chair. This young man accomplished his goal to meet Joe Jackson, get tons of fan sympathy and even the fans that DID buy his story and sent money to him has yet to get a thank you from him.

    It also sounds like someone is jealous of my friendship with Eddie Jones; maybe someone that had a crush on Eddie and is soliciting everyone in this hate campaign because of some scornful revenge!

    I have not seen Eddie Jones steal people's ideas, publically attack the Jackson family members, embezzle donated money, lie about gift purchases, attack MJ fans and lie on people, try to get people fired, and be the no. 1 subject of numerous blogs from people that has been hurt.

    I personally talked to Daniel early on and when we offered to assist him in returning to Los Angeles he personally told me that he did not want to come back, it was cheaper to stay in Vegas and that he would try to get a job working at the Palms Hotel. I then told him if he needed my help, to let me know. He thanked me for caring, offering to assist and how my name is in this blog as doing anything but help, let's me know that this blog is yet another attempt by someone in particular to slander, and scandalize my name, by linking it to an event I had nothing to do with.

    I've written nothing without identifying myself. I put my life on the line to write Redemption just to let the world know that Michael Jackson was innocent and was in fact the victim of an extortion scheme. No real Michael Jackson fan or supporter should have a problem with that.

    According to the Bible, killing a person and killing a person's character is the same thing. You are all still murder's in God's eyes just like Conrad Murray, AEG, Sony, Janet Arvizo, Evan & Jordy Chandler.

    Geraldine Hughes

  62. OMG I think you are the woman scorned I am in shock never expected this from you Miss Hughes.
    I know for a fact Taaj announced July 2010 she was no longer affiliated with two people prior to which she canceled the one million man march to washington - now i know she was meaning yourself and Eddie. You solicited donations for him i remember clearly you posted a paypay donation button on facebook. My guess is she knew you were both no good. I remember you and eddie begging her to come on the radio show when she called in once then eddie put her on the spot to ask fans for money; OMG you attacking the victim and defending Eddie Jones this is what Daniel was saying in his letter. SHAME ON YOU of course everyone is remaining anonymous look at your attack on Taaj and Daniel; Why Taaj chooses silence is a puzzle. Taaj is very powerful the family listen to her over you maybe they know you Taaj and Eddie better then we fans do, The Jackson family are no fools they are smart savvy people have been in the business 43 years. If they refuse to associate with you and Eddi it must be SERIOUS!

  63. Geraldine you supporting Eddie all over facebook is a atrocity, if you had spoken up a long time ago none of this would have happened. My parents taught me to always speak for what is true and you call yourself a minister. Going around confronting all fans who are speaking up is a disgrace. Why dont you just disappear with Eddie Jones if he will have you. According to Eddie Jones he WANTS TO BE PAID by the FAMILY for his justice for Michael

  64. Miss Hughes are YOU accusing the Jackson family of using fans. Are you saying Jackson family members are making fans sell their souls to the devil?

    "I was told that certain Jackson family member is taking advantage of a certain person who is willing to sell their soul to the devil just to get inside of the Jackson camp!"

    You have shown your true colors today Miss Hughes

  65. Comment by Geraldine Hughes accusing the Jackson family of using fans has been deleted. Slandering the Jackson family will not be tolerated under any circumstances!

  66. There was no comment of ME accusing the Jackson family of using fans. My comment was clear, that "SOMEONE TOLD ME" THAT A FAN WAS BEING USED BECAUSE SHE WOULD SELL HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL JUST TO GET INSIDE THE JACKSON CAMP." Now, how this statement got twisted into the comment above, proves that this blog is nothing more than a smear campaign to smear my name. I am very sure that Daniel has nothing to do with it.

    Geraldine Hughes

  67. GH is this true? You appeared on the Geraldo Rivera show (during the trial) refused to state anything that you had overheard, and just said, "Read my book!"
    If Michael had known about you/gave you permission to speak on his behalf why is it you were not a witness at the trial?
    Something just does not add up!
    I have communicated with you via pm you stated you could not make contact with Michael that someone else gave you the photo to use on your book! A third party contacted Michael for permission to give you a photo.
    Which is it did you lie then or are you lying here?
    Did you go to the police with the inside information you had or were you working for the prosecution?

  68. Geraldine "do harm" now? I think she DOES. She muddied the water when she made statements about where Murray WAS when Michael died, when she should have kept utterly silent. She has no "inside information" at all,

    I think she should keep silent NOW, about anything related to the current case, which she knows no more about than some fans. So YES, she does harm, and I hope she keeps quiet (and she might want to consider getting her latest book surgically removed from her HAND?)

  69. in this twisted world which likes to condemn the innocent and free the guilty. SHAME ON YOU HUGHES AND JONES

  70. Geraldine Hughes (REDEMPTION author) wrote the following on her Facebook about Murray meeting a prostitute on June 25:

    "Conrad Murder put MJ under propofol and then left the premises to meet with a call girl. When he returned, MJ was already dead. Everything he did afterwards was to cover his tracks. He said he found MJ not breathing at 10:50. His girlfriend said she was on the phone with him at 12:05 and at 12:13 he dropped the phone and began CPR on MJ. Why did he instruct his employees to take boxes out of storage at 9:00 a.m.?"

    she did post this on her facebook this gave his defense team a heads up, a very bad thing & very irresponsible, imo. I think it was mentioned by others

  71. God Bless you Daniel

  72. Eddie Jones no es bueno him nada for justice for Michael. se cuide el diablo Daniel demasiados fuera devil

  73. Anytime someone writes a blog and is too coward to identify themself, your motive is already clear. It's crystal clear that this blog was written to smear my name. The only problem is that I had nothing to do with this incident. It takes the skill of a con artist, a sleeze bag and someone without any God conscious in their life. If you had any God conscious, you'd know the Bible says "what is done in darkness will be revealed." I haven't done anything to hurt anyone so the Bible also calls this "shedding innocent blood." When you do these things, you have hell to pay and are probably hellbound. Have fun whoever you are. You, just like Satan, have a little time to continue doing your evil deeds. Then your appointment with hell is enternal.

  74. Reply to GHughes comment of 22/2/11-

    Your posting begins with you stating: “this is exactly what they did to Michael. They accused him of something he didn’t do, then they crucified him…”

    GHughes - In your ENTIRE LONG POSTING, you crucify who I believe you are referring to as Taaj Malik – how hypocritical of you? I read in someone’s posting that you are supposed to be a Minister. Personally, I have never heard a minister speak so badly about another human being in my life!

    Ms. Malik did not crucify ANYONE! As a matter of fact, Taaj Malik was very respectful and did not want to have any part in mentioning yours or Eddie’s name. Daniel testifies very, very clearly, it was he who wrote the letter because he wanted to speak up against the wrongdoing he states was done to him!!!

  75. I saw this post about the two of these last week. i can not believe the comment and retaliation against Taaj. I knew it was bad but WOW! This is really bad. He should be arrested for what he did and shame on you Geraldine! what you did to that kid. Eddie is a sociopath. No concision.

  76. Ohhh! Taaj thanks ....
    I enter this site! ...
    If I need to make some question the hare!
    Daniel what you've told me
    left me without words ....

  77. I did on August 29, called ONE MILLION MARCH, but nothing.......... wasting much money time tears..
    WHY DO THIS... NAH This geraldine and eddie

  78. I am understanding but no words coming for me but one why why why hurting all